Video Production Consultancy

We specialise in delivering communications strategies that focus on media, production, and training. And we can also provide consultancy on overall messaging methods and messaging tools. We have the expertise to help you prepare for all kinds of situations where clarity of communication is essential, such as briefings, interviews, internal and external meetings, presentations, press conferences and speeches.

As part of our consultancy work, TCA can deliver Messaging Workshops to help develop and refine the messages that your organisation is sending out both internally and externally. We look at the full range of communications materials your organisation is using and assess whether they are working for you in the way you want.

Working in partnership with Tony Charlesworth Associates, the CCB produced a series of video case studies to be proud of. The videos were entertaining and engaging on a human level, and the TCA team brought a valuable combination of project insight and production expertise to bear. We'll be pleased to work with them again.

~ Greg Orme Chief Executive, Centre for Creative Business at The London Business School